DIVE back into the DANK TANK with the latest LEGEND to soak it up in the swamp – Skateboarding Pioneer Dave Duncan, also with the skateboarding badass from Ojai, California, Zander Gabriel and local Montreal, Canada skater Vince Baldo!

As always, your illustrious host Ryan Sullivan and this episode’s co-host Roni Schlanger chat with the guests about anything and everything. Shots & Spiffs All Around!!

The gang talks about getting started in skateboarding, world contest ramp building, Jackalope, OJ Simpson, Luke Cage, best advice ever gotten, getting arrested for fake ID’s, getting an intervention by airport police for ganja in Hiroshima, Japan, bowling, what you would do if you found $10 million bucks on the ground.., favorite bands, steel wheels, how much pizza you eat in a year, Lizzie McGuire, OITNB, Kombucha, Shroomies, and so much more..

Things really heat up when they compete in an intense “Beerio-Cart” match, answer 21 Questions, and blast out responses in a rapid-fire session of “Dank” vs “Tank”.

This episode was made possible by the dope people at:

Prohibition – Montreal’s finest smoking accessories shop: https://www.prohibition.com

Shine Rolling Papers – Home of the 24 Carat Gold Blunt: https://shinerollingpapers.com/

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